EMATE Interactives help students learn difficult concepts using animation. EMATES were first developed under the leadership of Mike Qaissaunee at the Brookdale Cyber Center and Dr. John Sands at CSSIA that started with funding from an NSF Grant (DUE 1601612) and continued with the development of the Ring curriculum. Use the interactive activities to help teach students and to develop their skills in a variety of disciplines.
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Take a look at the new EMATES created and posted this fall

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Virtual Private Networks

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See if you can match each social engineering technique with its definition

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The challenge is to get all the way to level 8 by unscrambling terms from the Cybersecurity Emates

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Match each cyber hat color with its name

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A cyber take on hangman

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Intrusion Detection Systems / Intrusion Prevention Systems

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Match the terms from the cryptography Emates to their definitions

A Cryptography page has been added

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Block Mode ciphers used in symmetric encryption algorithms

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Digital Signatures

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Encryption and Data Formatting

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RSA Encryption Algorithm

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Factoring and Prime Numbers are the building blocks for asymmetrical encryption algorithms

On the Cybersecurity Page

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IT governance: the CISA spin on policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures

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Privacy Tenets
In the age of digital transformation, understanding and implementing privacy law tenets is crucial.

On the Networking Page

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IP Addressing from Binary to Decimal

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OSI Model Functions of each layer

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IPv6 Challenge
Test your ability to compress and expand IPv6 addresses

On the Mathematics Page:

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The seven base units that comprise the International System of Units used for measurement

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SI derived units are obtained from the seven SI base units

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Conversion procedure for various units of measure

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Methodologies used to sample a subset of the population to provide a representative sample